South Korea’s Digital Nomad Visa 2024

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South Korea Digital Nomad Visa

Discover all you need to know about the South Korean digital nomad visa, including how to apply, fees, requirements, eligibility, and more.

The Korean government announced a workstation visa (or digital nomad visa) that will allow remote workers to stay in Korea for up to two years while working for a firm overseas. The visa was recently announced and is a trial program, so certain specifics are still not clear, even for embassies.

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Eligibility & Requirements

  • Work for a firm or as a freelancer overseas.
  • Earn more than 85 million won ($66,000) by 2023. The visa demands that you earn double Korea’s gross national income (GNI) per capita from the preceding year.
  • Be 18 or older and have at least one year of experience in the same sector.
  • Apply at your country’s Korean embassy. If you are presently in Korea, you can switch from the visa exemption (B-1), tourist visa (B-2), or short-term stay visa (C-3) (although, as explained in the FAQ below, we recommend applying in your home country for the time being).
  • Personal medical insurance covers at least 100 million won in hospital expenses and repatriation throughout their stay in Korea.

Can I work in Korea with a digital nomad visa?

During their stay in Korea, visitors on a visa are not permitted to work or engage in any local profit-making activities. They might work for a corporation located abroad.


We demand that you continue to seek your embassy for the list of papers necessary. The following are normal documents for a work visa application; however, extra documents may be required in your country.

  • Visa Request Form
  • Passport
  • Passport Copy
  • Passport Picture
  • Proof of employment or work
  • Pay slip
  • Bank statements (to prove income)
  • Other financial proof if existing (all taxable income you have in a year)
  • Extract of criminal record (no previous convictions of crimes, neither in your home country nor in korea are allowed)
  • Proof of private Insurance that covers at least 100 million won for accidents/transports/medical help
  • Address in Korea is REQUIRED for application

Oliver, a community member, produced a list of numerous embassies and consulates’ official visa pages (see the bottom of this post).

South Korea’s Digital Nomad Visa 2024
South Korea Digital Nomad Visa

income Required to be eligible?

  • ₩7.08 Million per month.

What’s the official name?

  • The visa is officially called a workation visa (F-1-D).

Which country is eligible?

  • The most recent announcements said nothing about this. We will contact embassies to see if there are any exclusions and will update this page whenever we receive an answer.

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