Working Holiday France for Mexicans: visa situation 2024

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Some YoMeAnimers were consulting us about the situation of the Working Holiday France visa for Mexicans in this article we want to clarify their doubts and give you some details about the official information that exists on the matter.

What will you see in this article?

Are the quotas open to apply for the visa?

He General Consulate of France in Mexico He reported that 2024 quotas are sold out to apply for the France Working Holiday visa. There is no confirmed date for the opening of the 2025 quotas.

Requirements to apply for the visa

  • To be a Mexican citizen and live in Mexico at the time of visa application.
  • Have a valid Mexican passport valid for more than 3 months after the expected date of return to Mexico.
  • have between 18 and 29 years old. If they have already turned 30 they will not be able to apply.
  • Travel independently is, not traveling with dependents since the visa is individual.
  • Count on sufficient funds to cover expenses in France for an amount of at least MXN 55,000 (USD 2,692), or its equivalent in foreign currency.
  • Possess a round trip ticket to the country or demonstrate funds to purchase them for at least MXN 20,000 (USD 979).
  • Not have a criminal record.
  • Not having been a beneficiary of this visa previously.
  • Submit a letter of reasons explaining why they want to obtain the visa.
  • Have International health insurance valid for your entire stay in France.
  • Submit a medical certificate of good health issued by a doctor with a professional license.
  • Pay the fee corresponding to the visa.

For more information about the requirements, we recommend that you read the article Working Holiday France, requirements for Mexicans

Frequent questions

How to apply for the visa?

The step by step for applying for a visa can be found in the article How to apply for the France Working Holiday for Mexicans?

How much does the visa cost?

This visa has a cost of EUR 99 and must be paid on the day of the appointment at the Consulate in Mexican pesos, at the exchange rate of that day.

Can you apply for a visa from abroad?

No, It can only be processed in person in Mexico City at the Consulate General of France in Mexico.

When should I apply for the visa?

According to the French Consulate in Mexico, this visa must be requested at least 3 weeks and at most 3 months before the planned departure to France.

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