Barcelona hikes its tourist tax this week: Where else will you have to pay to enter in 2024?

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From the Algarve to Barcelona, ​​fees are being introduced to try and combat overtourism.


Overtourism could be the word of the year 2023 in the travel industry.

News of the negative effects of many tourists were everywhere. The world’s most popular destinations such as Venice, Barcelona and New Zealand are struggling to keep tourist numbers under control.

What is the problem with over tourism? Well, local residents face a problem as landlords buy up vacation spots, making the property unaffordable. Authorities struggle to manage the trash left behind by tourists, and pollution contributes to the climate crisis.

One trick that destinations have, literally, is the tourism tax: a fee that visitors have to pay, on top of normal expenses like accommodation and food.

Of course, this is not a new concept. If you’ve traveled abroad, you’ve likely paid tourist tax before. You may never have even considered it – as it sometimes works into airline tickets or the taxes you pay at your hotel.

Read about the destinations that introduced a tourism tax in 2023, and those that will in 2024.

Barcelona is raising its tourism tax (again) in 2024.

In 2022, city officials announced it. Barcelona tourist tax It will be increased in the next two years.

Since 2012, visitors to the Catalan capital have had to pay both a regional tourist tax and an additional citywide surcharge.

On 1 April 2023, the city authorities increased the municipal fee to €2.75.

The second increase will take place on 1 April 2024, when the fee will rise to €3.25.

This tax applies to visitors staying in official tourist accommodation.

The council said the money would be used to fund the city’s infrastructure, including improvements to roads, bus services and escalators.

Portimão, Portugal introduced a tourism tax in March 2024

Portimão followed in the footsteps of neighboring cities by introducing a tourist tax in March.

The port city in Portugal’s Algarve will vary the tax from high to low season, set at €2 per night from April to October and €1 per night from November to March.

Olhão, a Portuguese The fishing town is popular with tourists, so last year it started charging visitors €2 a night between April and October. The tax is reduced to €1 between November and March. It does not apply to children under 16 and is limited to five nights – so a maximum of €10 – per trip.

The fees are being used to reduce the impact of tourism on Algarve towns, including improving cleanliness, security and sustainability.

Two of the Algarve’s 16 municipalities already charge a tourist tax: Faro (€1.5 per night for seven nights between March and October) and Vila Real de Santo Antonio (€1 per day for seven days).

Bali: Tourist tax introduced in February 2024.

Known as the Land of the Gods, Bali attracts visitors from around the world to its beaches, islands and spiritual culture.


But tourism also means problems, and Bali is hoping to solve some of them with a new tax that must be paid to enter the country.

From 14 February 2024, international and domestic visitors will have to pay a fee of IDR 150,000 (€8.80). It needs to be paid at a special booth at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport. Officials say the process takes less than 30 seconds.

He said the proceeds go towards projects that ‘conserve the environment, nature and culture as well as improve the quality’ of Bali.

Is Thailand introducing tourist fees in 2024?

In 2022, it was rumored that a tourist tax would be introduced in June 2023. It didn’t happen, then the next deadline of October didn’t happen either. And there are no confirmed plans for 2024.

Airlines and airline representative bodies are said to have challenged the fees.


When it was first rumored, the tax was said to be 300 baht (€8).

In 2022, Governor of Tourism Authority Thailand It told Reuters news agency that part of the fee “will be used to care for the tourists” because many times they are not covered by health insurance. It will also help finance further development of tourist attractions, such as the Grand Palace Inn. Bangkok.

Venice tourist tax: When will visitors have to pay to enter in 2024?

VeniceThe tourist tax has been the subject of much debate and delay. The city is one of the most touristy in Europe, forcing locals to venture out of the narrow and crowded streets of the city center.

It has now been confirmed that Ligon City will trial entry fees for part of 2024.

Visitors must pay a fee of €5 to enter on peak weekends and other days between April and mid-July – a total of 29 days.


The day tripper fee will apply during peak hours (8.30 am – 4 pm), meaning visitors who come to Venice for dinner or a concert will not have to pay.

The purpose of the entrance fee is to reduce congestion, encourage longer trips and improve the quality of life for residents.

Revenue from entry fees will go towards services that help city residents, such as maintenance, sanitation and reducing living costs.

Read on This article For full details on Venice’s tourist tax.

These are all countries where you already have to pay a tourist fee to visit.

Many countries already have tourist fees for various reasons.


For some, it has to do with reducing and deterring the number of tourists. Overtourism.

For others it is almost like a sustainability tax on every comer. The proceeds from these taxes go towards maintaining tourism facilities and protecting natural resources.


I Austria You pay overnight accommodation tax, which depends on which province you’re in. Vienna or Salzburg, you’ll pay an extra 3.02 percent per person on the hotel bill.

The tourism levy is also known as Tourismusgesetz and Berherbergungsbeiträge.


I tourist tax Belgium Also applies to accommodation, every night you stay there.


The fee is sometimes included in the hotel room rate but some separate the cost and make it an additional charge, so you need to check your bill carefully.

Antwerp and Bruges charge a rate per room. Rates in Brussels vary by hotel size and classification.

Usually it’s around €7.50.


While most countries have a tourist fee of less than around €20, Bhutan’s tax is sky-high by comparison.

The minimum daily fee for most foreigners is: $250 (€228) per person during high season and slightly less in low season.


But there’s a lot more involved, including accommodation, in-country transportation, a guide, meals, and entrance fees.


Bulgaria Tourist fee applies for overnight stays.

This is very low and varies by region and hotel classification – up to around €1.50.

Caribbean Islands

Most Caribbean islands include tourist taxes in hotel costs or departure fees.

Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Dominican RepublicGrenada, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, and the US Virgin Islands all have some form of visitor fee.


Fees range from €13 in the Bahamas to €45 in Antigua and Barbuda.


Croatia has increased its tourism tax in 2019. Although the increased rate is only applicable during the peak season in summer.

Visitors pay about 10 kuna (€1.33) per person per night.

Czech Republic

You only need to pay the tourist fee in the Czech Republic when visiting the capital, Prague.

It is very small (less than €1) and is paid per person, per night, for up to 60 nights. This tax does not apply to children below 18 years of age.


France: Higher tourism tax in Paris thanks to 2024 Olympics

There is a ‘Tax de Sejour’ to pay. France. This is added to your hotel bill and depends on which city you are in.

Prices range from €0.20 to around €4 per person, per night.

Tourist places like Paris And Leon Use the money to maintain tourism infrastructure.

In anticipation of 2024 The OlympicsTourist tax on hotel rooms has been increased by 200% till January 2024.

Depending on the type of accommodation, the fee ranges from €0.75 to €15 per night.



In Germany, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and cities have what they call a ‘culture tax’ (‘kulturförderabgabe’), and also a “bed tax” (a bettensteuer). Berlin.

The fee is about 5 percent of your hotel bill.


I tourist tax Greece Based on the number of hotel stars or the number of rooms you are renting. This can be anything up to €4 per room.

It was introduced by the Greek Ministry of Tourism to help reduce the country’s debt.


Tourist fees only apply in Hungary. Budapest.


Passengers pay an additional 4 percent per night based on their room rate.


Tourist tax in Italy depends on where you are. I Sicilyfees range from €1 to €3 per night.

While room fees range from €3 to €7 per night depending on room type, some smaller cities charge more.


I Japan This comes in the form of departure tax. Visitors to Japan pay ¥1,000 (about €8) when leaving the country.

The official tourism website claims that this small tax makes “a significant difference” to the economy.



The Malaysian tourist tax is a flat rate and applies per night for your stay.

That’s no more than about €4 per night.

New Zealand

Many tourists, people on working holidays, and some students and workers come. New Zealand When they arrive, they must pay the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL).

But Australians are an exception.

That’s $35 New Zealand dollars which is about €21.



The Netherlands has a land tourist tax and a water tourist tax.

I Amsterdam, it is currently 7% of the hotel room rate. This is called ‘toeristenbelasting’.

In 2024, it will increase to 12.5 percent, making it the highest tourism tax in Europe. This will apply to cruise passengers and overnight visitors alike.


Portugal’s low tourist tax is paid per person per night and applies only to guests aged 13 and over.

It is around €2 and currently applies in 13 of Portugal’s 308 municipalities, including Porto. Lisbon and faro.


You must pay it within the first seven days of your stay.


I tourist tax Slovenia Varies based on location and hotel classification.

It is slightly higher in larger cities and resort towns, including Ljubljana and Bled – around €3.


If you are visiting Ibiza or Majorca, you will have to pay tourist tax.

A sustainable tourist tax, which applies to holiday accommodation. SpainAlso applies to every holidaymaker aged 16 or over in the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera).


During high season, the tax can reach €4 per night.

Valencia, meanwhile, scrapped plans to introduce a tourism tax in 2024 after last year’s election.


I tourist tax Switzerland Depends on the location. The price is per night and per person and is approximately €2.20.

Accommodation prices usually don’t include tourist tax – it’s stated as a separate amount, so it’s easy to keep track of.

And this applies only to stays of less than 40 days.


United States

Hotel tax or accommodation tax the traveler In most of the United States, housing rent is charged. It is also called occupancy tax.

Fees apply to hotels, motels and hotels. The highest rate is reportedly paid in Houston, with a 17 percent tax on your hotel bill.

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