Belgium Work Visa 2024

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Belgium Work Visa

Belgium Work Visa Process 2024 – A Belgium work visa is in demand. candidates from all over the world Interested in working in Belgium. To work in Belgium a Belgian work visa or employment visa is required. If you are interested in job opportunities in Belgium, this post will be very useful for you.

Belgium is a popular destination for foreign workers due to its high standard of living and diverse economy. If you are a non-European Union (EU) citizen and want to work in Belgium you will need a work visa or permit. The process of obtaining a work visa in Belgium can be complex, but the following steps will give you an overview.

The process of obtaining a work visa for Belgium can be complex and time-consuming. It is important to work with your employer to ensure that all required paperwork is submitted promptly. With patience and persistence, you can get a work visa and start working in Belgium.

In Belgium, there are different types of work permits available and you can choose one of them as per your needs and requirements. Read the complete post below to know complete information about work visa in Belgium.

About Belgium Work Visa Process 2024

  • host country: Belgium
  • Type: work visa
  • Social class: Work Visa Application Process
  • Duration:Depends on work permit

Who can enter Belgium without a work visa?

You can enter Belgium without a work permit or visa if you are a citizen of the EEA or EU (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and Switzerland. Additionally, you can enter Belgium without a work visa or permit but you will need to apply for a permit once you arrive in the country. The countries that can enter the country before applying for a license are listed below.

  • usa
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • new zealand
  • israel

working holiday visa

Citizens of Canada, Australia and New Zealand enter Belgium for travel and holiday purposes. However, you are still able to work on this permit without applying for further work permits. The requirements for the Working Holiday Visa are as follows;

  • You must have a return ticket.
  • You must have enough money for the trip (€2,500).
  • You must have health insurance coverage for one year (365 days).
  • You must have a good conduct certificate issued by your local police.

Types of Belgian work visas.

In Belgium, there are different types of work permits available and you can choose one of them as per your needs and requirements.

work permit a

It is for highly skilled workers. Type A work visa is valid for an unlimited period. If you want to apply for a Work Permit Type A visa, you must obtain a Type B permit for four years within a 10-year stay in Belgium.

work permit b

This is for skilled workers with employment contracts. Type B work permit will be issued by your employer. To apply for this work visa, the employer is responsible on your behalf for a certain period. Belgian or EU citizens are not allowed to apply for this work visa.

work permit c

This is for seasonal workers and temporary workers. Type C work visa is valid for only one year. You can apply for this permit if you want to stay in Belgium for a short or temporary period.

Belgium Work Visa Requirements

Candidates will need the following essential documents Before applying for a work visa in Belgium;

  • residence proof
  • valid passport
  • no criminal record evidence
  • Medical certificate which states your good health.
  • Proof of financial needs to show that you are eligible to reside in Belgium.
  • Work Permit _ which allows you to apply for a Belgium work visa.

What is the application process for Belgium work visa?

If you are interested in applying for a Belgium work visa, you will follow the given steps;

  • Find a job in Belgium
  • After receiving the offer, you can apply for a work permit in Belgium.
  • The candidates’ employers will send them the work permit application number.
  • Once you get your work permit, apply for a work visa.
  • After receiving your work visa, you are ready to move to Belgium.

Processing Time

The processing time for work visa for Belgium is 8-10 weeks. It also depends on the employer or company.

belgium work visa cost

cost is €180 per person For work visa in Belgium.

But in some cases, if your employment is supported by a work visa, your work visa fee will be paid by the employer.

residence permit for work

Candidates must register or enter their arrival in the Overseas Registry. This will allow them to provide their fingerprints and request an ID card. After this process, candidates will receive their residence permit.

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