Finland will keep its border with Russia closed indefinitely.

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Finland has decided to keep its entire eastern border with Russia closed indefinitely.

The country closed its land border with Russia last year due to concerns about equipment migration, and the measure has since been steadily expanded.

The border closure with Russia was last extended in February, with Finnish officials saying the measure would remain in effect until April 14, 2024.

However, with the situation not improving, Finland has decided to keep its border with Russia closed indefinitely beyond April 14, reports Schengen Visa Info.

The government has decided that border crossing points on the land border between Finland and Russia will remain closed until April 15, 2024.

Ministry of the Interior of Finland

During the closure of the eastern border with Russia, applications for international protection can only be submitted at other border crossing points that are open to traffic.

The border crossing points for marine traffic at Hapasari are closed for recreational boating from April 15

Finland has also decided to close the border crossing points for recreational boat traffic at the ports of Haapasari, particularly Niujama and Santee, starting from 15 April 2024.

By closing these two border crossings to recreational boating, the government said it wants to be fully prepared for the expansion of instrumental migration for marine traffic as the warmer months approach.

This would be dangerous for people wishing to enter Finland and would burden maritime search and rescue.

Ministry of the Interior of Finland

We have not seen any improvement in the situation, Home Minister stressed

According to Finland’s Ministry of the Interior, statistics suggest that the risk of displacement through devices may be “expanding”.

To ensure national security and public order, the ministry emphasized that it is right that strict measures be maintained.

Commenting on the country’s decision, Finland’s interior minister, Mari Rantanen, said she did not see any significant improvement in the situation, stressing that it was a long-term situation and that the measures would remain in place until then. Should be kept as long as needed

Finnish authorities see this as a long-term situation. We have not seen anything this spring that would lead us to conclude that the situation has changed significantly.

Finland’s Minister of the Interior Mari Rantinen

He further highlighted that there are hundreds of people near the Finnish border on the Russian side who could be instrumental against the country.

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