France set to launch €49 rail pass this summer: who’s eligible and when will it launch?

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French President Emmanuel Macron said last year he wanted a rail pass for everyone, but after months of negotiations, a smaller version has been agreed.


Following the success of Germany’s Deutschlandticket, France is set to launch its own version this summer.

French Transport Minister Patrice Vergret said in an interview with AFP on Wednesday that an agreement had been reached with all regions. The scheme is expected to cost €49 a month and will be available to around 700,000 young people under the age of 27 this July and August.

This will allow unlimited travel on TER and Intercity. Trains But high-speed TGV trains will not be included.

In September, President Emmanuel Macron promised to introduce a national rail pass called Hugo Decrypt during an interview with a journalist and YouTuber.

It was originally intended to mirror the Deustchlandticket which allows unlimited travel on all local and regional public transport in Germany for €49 regardless of age.

The ticket has been successful with over three million sales since its launch.

Is the French Railpass the same as the Deustchlandticket?

The French ticket was immediately criticized by some regional mayors for the lack of detail in the plans and the state’s offer to fund 80 percent of the cost, estimated at 15 million euros.

“In six months, the initial announcement of a French-style Deutschlandticket has now been translated into a €49 subscription for two months, on a network outside the Ile-de-France region, and only for young people,” said the Regions of France. in a statement on Wednesday.

The exclusion of the Ile-de-France region (the most populous in France) has also caused disappointment.

“To Travel Around France, young people in the Haut-de-France region must buy an additional ticket of up to €16 in the Ile-de-France region, in addition to the rail pass, to be able to transfer to another. The region,” the Hautes-de-France region, which includes Lille and Calais, said.

Despite concerns, regional authorities have now agreed to the plans, according to Vergret. Initially this will be a one-year experiment but hopes to expand and extend it in the future.

What routes can you travel with a France Rail Pass?

While there are criticisms of the plan, it will happen. open up Great parts of the country at affordable prices for young people this summer.

TER trains connect local destinations within. French regions and serve around 1.1 million passengers daily.

Popular TER routes include Bordeaux to Arcachon (costing around €13) and Marseille to Toulon (€14). Travelers who make this trip regularly can save hundreds of euros on the pass.

Less than four hours drive from Leon To Marcel There is another option where a one-way ticket often costs more than the €49 price of a new rail pass.

Popular intercity train routes include Bordeaux to Montpellier and the Railpass will also save on return journeys.

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