Czechia Work Visa 2024 – Application Process

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Czechia Work Visa

Czechia is a European country that is very developed and has a low unemployment rate. As of 8 April 2024, 10.67 million people live in the country. It costs 13.6 euros per hour to work as minimum wage. We will talk about how to apply for a work visa in Czechia and the different types of work permits in this post. More and more foreign workers are coming to Czechia. At the end of 2023, there were more than 823,000 foreign workers in the country.

You already know the rules. If you are from an EU country, you do not need a work pass or visa to work in Czechia. You just have to sign up with the Alien Police Department within 30 days of arriving there. All other third country nationals must obtain a work pass and visa from the embassy. Foreigners from a third country must have a job offer before applying. Here are more details on how to look for a job, how to get a work permit and how to apply for a visa.

Czechia Work Visa Application Process Details

Types of Czechia Work Permit for Non-EU

To get started, it’s important to understand the different types of work permits and what they are used for:

employee card

For those who are not from Europe, the employee card is the most popular type of work permit. People who have a long-term residence permit can live and work in the Czech Republic for no more than 90 days. For two years, the employee card is good.

For each task, a employee card Are being given. A central database Job openings show that they are open to people from other countries.

EU blue card

People with EU Blue Cards are highly skilled workers who have worked for a period of time. The EU Blue Card is good for two years for people who are not from Europe. You can also get one with a Czechia long-term residence permit.

Intra-Company Transfer Card

Intra-company transfer card (ICT card) is a type of long-term residence pass granted in the Czech Republic to people who are moving to work in the same company.

Comment: People from other countries who want to work in Czechia during the summer can apply for a short-stay (Schengen visa) for up to 90 days or a long-term visa for more than 90 days.

Documents required for visa processing

  • a valid travel document
  • Housing Details
  • passport size photograph
  • Employment contract and all details
  • employment application form.
  • visa application form.
  • Qualification certificate.

Czechia Work Visa Application Process and Requirements

  • find a job: Receiving a job offer letter is the first thing you need to do.
  • employer: Either your company will apply for the work permit for you or they will explain how to do it.
  • book an appointment: To make an appointment for your visa application, you will need to call the Czech office in your country that is closest to you. This is a list of all check office,
  • submit documents: Bring all paperwork to your meeting on the scheduled date. Click on this page And then you would like to know more about the types of work permits, the process and the documents you need.
  • decision: The Czech Ministry of the Interior (MOI) looks at your application and makes a decision.
  • visit czechia:If your application is accepted, you can travel to Czechia. You will be given a long-term residence pass allowing you to visit the Czech Republic within three days of your arrival to obtain your employee card.

quota for work permits

Some diplomatic posts limit the number of people who can apply employee card, Every office has a set number of people they can send.

Processing Time

The Czechia work visa process can take up to 60 or 90 days. After submitting your application in the office you can start the application time.

Duration of Visa

The duration of a work visa is one to three years,

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