Portugal Tourist Visa 2024: Requirements, How To Apply

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How to Apply for a Portugal Tourist Visa

Did you know that Portugal is home to Livraria Bertrand, the oldest bookshop in the world? Located in Lisbon, the Bertrand Library has a charming blue-tiled facade (azulejos) and dates back to the 18th century. If you want to visit the library, you may need a Portugal Tourist Visa.

The Tourist Visa is one of the types of the Portuguese Schengen Visa. It is short-term (valid for a maximum of three months), and issued to people who want to visit Portugal as a tourist but come from a country that does not have a visa-free agreement.

If you get a Portugal Tourist Visa, you are allowed to travel to other countries in the Schengen Area as well. Are you Looking For a Portugal Student Visa?

Portugal Tourist Visa Requirements

The papers required for the Portugal Tourist Visa application are:

  1. Your passport.
  2. Valid for an additional three months after you leave Portugal/the Schengen Area.
  3. The visa can only be fastened to at least two blank pages.
  4. Copies of your prior visas.
  5. The Portuguese Visa Application Form.
  6. The form may be downloaded at the Portuguese MFA’s website (here).
  7. You must print and sign it. For minors, the parent or legal guardian can sign.
  8. Passport-sized photos. They must meet with Portugal’s visa photo standards.
  9. Travel health insurance.
  10. It must meet Schengen criteria.
  11. It must be valid within the Schengen area.
  12. It must cover a minimum of €30,000 in medical and evacuation charges.
  13. Payment for the Portugal Tourist Visa Fee.
  14. Your trip schedule. For example, consider your scheduled airline tickets.
  15. Portugal Tourist Visa Cover Letter. You must include the following in the letter.
  16. Your personal details (name, nationality, work status)
    The motive for travel
  17. Dates of arrival and departure
  18. Whether you will go to another Schengen nation than Portugal.
    Your next events, etc.
  19. Proof of adequate finances. You must demonstrate that you have enough money to support yourself
  20. throughout your term in Portugal. You may accomplish this by presenting your bank statements.
  21. Proof of accommodation in Portugal. Example: Booking a hotel or other tourist accommodations.
  22. Letter of invitation from a friend or family (if you will be staying with someone in Portugal).
  23. Employment status papers. As applicable:
  24. If you’re employed: Work contract and a letter of departure from your company.
  25. If you’re self-employed: The Certificate of Business Registration
  26. Are you a student? A proof of enrollment from your university or institution.
  27. If you are retired, your pension certificate.
  28. If a minor travels to Portugal alone, include the following documents:
  29. Their birth certificate.
  30. Letter of consent from parents or legal guardians, signed by both parties. If only one parent/guardian has custody of the kid, give documents to verify this fact.
  31. A copy of the parents’ or legal guardians’ passports.
Remember: All necessary documents must be in English. If they aren't, you should get them translated.
Birth and marriage certificates must be legalized with an Apostille Stamp or by the Portuguese Embassy in your country.

Portugal Tourist Visa Fee

The fees for a Portugal Schengen/Tourist Visa are:

  • For adults and children over 12 – €80
  • For children between 6 and 12 – €40
  • For children under 6 – Free of charge
  • For citizens of Azerbaijan and Russia (adults and children over 12) – €35

Can You Extend a Portugal Tourist Visa?

It is technically possible to extend a Tourist Visa in Portugal, but extensions are often granted only in severe cases, such as when you are unwell and unable to travel or when political reasons prohibit you from going home.

If you want to extend your Portuguese tourist visa, you should contact the Portuguese Immigration Services’ (SEF) local offices.

How to Apply for a Portugal Tourist Visa?

To apply for a Portugal tourist visa, contact the nearest Portuguese embassy or consulate. Then you must:

  • Download and fill out the Portugal Visa Application Form. The Portugal Schengen Visa application form is available on the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website (here).
  • Gather the needed paperwork.
  • Make an appointment to submit the papers to the Portuguese Embassy.
  • Pay the Portugal Tourist Visa application cost.
  • Bring your paperwork with you to your appointment on the scheduled day. You may need to attend a visa interview.
  • Wait for your visa to be processed. This might take a few weeks, occasionally longer.
  • The Portuguese Embassy will notify you of their decision. If it’s positive, you may go get the visa.
  • Travel to Portugal during the dates specified on the visa.

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