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When you apply for a Dubai visa, you may track its status online. This provides information on the status of your visa application.

To check the status of your visa online, you will need the following information: visa application reference number, passport number and data, email address, and login details.

There are other ways to verify your visa status, including using internet portals, visiting immigration offices, or phoning the call center directly. In this article, you will understand how important it is to remain up to speed on visa expirations, renewals, extensions, and potential fines for overstaying.

Continue reading the article to learn more about how to check your Dubai visa status, including specific instructions.

What Do You Need to Know to Check Online Dubai Visa Status?

So, after you’ve filed for a UAE tourist visa or another form of visa, you’ll need to conduct an online Dubai visa check.

The United Arab Emirates Immigration will use your email address to notify you whether your application is approved or denied.

To check your UAE visa status online, you’ll need the following:

  • Visa application reference number
  • Passport number and details
  • Email address
  • Login Details

How To Check Your Dubai Visa Status

Following your visa application, you may do a Dubai visa check. Remember to factor in the processing time for a Dubai visa while checking your status.

There are several ways to check your Dubai visa online. In this part, I will demonstrate how you can.

UAE Visa Check By Passport Number

You may check your status at the ICA website. You will need your passport information to complete the ICA smart services. Check the current status of your UAE visa.

But don’t worry, you won’t need to bring your actual passport or a paper copy to perform the UAE visa status check. The most intelligent and effective solution is to keep a scanned or soft copy of your passport on your phone/device. Having a softcopy of your passport can come in handy when you need to check your visa status or validity.

If you have misplaced your reference number, you may still verify your Dubai visa using your passport number.

UAE Visa Check By Passport Number
UAE Visa Check By Passport Number

The instructions below will teach you how to check a Dubai visa by passport number straight on the UAE Government’s website. There are several techniques for verifying your Dubai visa, but the simplest is to complete the UAE visa check by passport number, as detailed in the instructions below.

The procedures following are just to see if the UAE embassy has already given the visa, and if not, to track the application.

And here’s how to verify your Dubai visa by passport number only on the ICA website:

  • Visit the service portal
  • Select Passport Information and select the Type of Visa
  • Enter the Passport No and the Passport Expiry Date along with the Nationality
  • Check the Captcha Checkbox
  • Then click on Submit.

You may check the status of your Dubai/UAE visa as soon as you submit it.

Keep in mind that without the necessary information, you will be unable to complete your Dubai visa check online using simply your passport number.

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