Italy Work Visa 2024 & Work Permit Completely Guide

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Italy Work Visa

The Italy work visa is a long-term visa, commonly known as the National D Visa. In comparison to other nations, the process of getting a work visa in Italy is very simple. In my opinion, it is the best work visa to get. In this post, I will walk you through every step of the application method for the Italy Work Visa.

Before Applying for the Italy Work Visa:

You first need to make sure that you are eligible to apply for an Italy work visa. That’s because the Italian government only approves work visa applications for a few months every one or two years, depending on the country’s employment market and immigration status.

In addition, Italy has a defined quota for how many work permits it will approve.

This is known as a Decreto Flussi (which translates to “flow decree”). In 2019, the Decreto Flussi was launched in April, and the Italian government established a quota of 30,850 work permits, the same as in 2018. The Italian government grants work permits to both seasonal and non-seasonal workers under the Decreto Flussi.

This suggests that you can only apply for an Italian work visa if:

  • The Decreto Flussi is open
  • The yearly quota hasn’t been filled
  • You have an employer in Italy who will apply for your work permit (Nulla Osta)*
  • You are granted a work permit
An Italian work permit is known as a Nulla Osta al lavoro. Your employer must apply for a Nulla Osta document at the Provincial Immigration Office (Sportello Unico d'Immigrazione - SUI). The Italian government also offers work permits to foreign nationals who currently reside in Italy and wish to change their present student or training residence permit into a work residence permit.

Required Documents Visa Application

When applying for an Italian work visa, you must provide a checklist of supporting documents. Further requirements for an Italian work visa include:

  • Copy of your signed work contract.
  • Passport
  • The original and a copy of your Nulla Osta (work permit).
  • Proof of paid visa fee.
  • Completed Italian Long-Stay Visa Application form.
  • Proof of accommodation in Italy.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means.
  • Diplomas/other certificates.
Please keep in mind that this is not a complete list of requirements. The criteria for an Italy work visa vary by nation and unique situation, therefore you should always contact the appropriate government where you are seeking for a work visa for additional information.

The Italian authorities maintain the right to seek any documentation they deem acceptable.
In addition, you must provide your employer in Italy with any documentation required to apply for your work visa. Because your company files for your work permit at their province’s immigration office (and each office has different criteria), you must contact your employer to find out what documentation they want from you.

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How Can I Get an Italy Work Visa and Permit?

So you’re a foreign national who wants to move to Italy and find work. Unfortunately, if you are a non-EU citizen, you must already have a job in Italy (and have met certain requirements) before applying for an Italy Work Visa.

For non-EU nationals, getting approval for living and work in Italy is a three-step process:

  1. Find an Italian employer who is interested in hiring you and apply for a work visa (they must do it in Italy). Only once your employer has received and sent you your work permit, may you:
  2. Apply for an Italy Work Visa through the Italian Representation in your native country.
  3. To legally live and work in Italy, you must first get a Work Visa and then apply for a Residence Permit.
In addition, you only have a short time to apply for an Italian Work Visa. The Italian government also establishes yearly quotas for the number of non-EU citizens who will be issued work permits.

How long is the Italy Work Visa Valid?

An Italian work visa will normally be valid for the period of the agreement to work, but no more than two years. It can be renewed for a maximum of five years.

Where and when can you apply for an Italian Work Visa?

If the Italian immigration office grants you a work permit, your company must provide it to you “usually electronically”. The Italian government also notifies the Italian representative in your country (such as an embassy or consulate), where you wish to apply for a work visa.

If your nation does not have an Italian representation, you must apply at the Visa Application Centre or another Schengen country representative to which Italy has outsourced visa applications.

You must submit the application in person after collecting all required documents and downloading and completing the Italy Visa Application Form.

After you apply for an Italian work visa, the Italian authorities will review your application and determine if you fit the visa’s conditions. If you acquire an Italy work visa, you will have six months to pick it up and visit the country.

Good Luck

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