Digital nomads choose Portugal’s Algarve for its relaxed lifestyle and visa convenience.

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The Algarve, a Portuguese municipality, has sparked a high interest among digital nomads, particularly those living in the UK, Ireland and the US, companies have revealed, citing the easy lifestyle and simplicity of obtaining a digital nomad visa. Given, there are important reasons for this.

This trend is confirmed by the large number of participants in roadshows that show the Algarve as a suitable destination for digital nomads. According to a SchengenVisaInfo report, such roadshows are open for viewing in the US (Atlanta, Austin and Boston) and across the UK and Ireland.

Experts point out that different Portuguese cities and destinations attract different digital nomads, some of whom are more interested in a relaxed lifestyle, thus choosing to live in the Algarve and others in more urban areas such as Lisbon. And choose Porto.

Portugal’s digital nomad visa scheme is the most convenient.

According to organizers of the ‘Living in Portugal’ and ‘Moving to Portugal’ shows in the US and UK respectively, Portugal’s digital nomad visa has seen an increase in interest rates.

Our March ‘Moving to Portugal’ show (in London) had a high interest of 60.4% of attendees wanting to know about residency and visas.

Cristina Hippisley, General Manager of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK

Hippisley also told Portugal Resident that the Algarve is the most popular destination for UK and Irish buyers, with half (49.9 per cent) of visitors asking for prices or property information for the region. Compared to October 2023, such inquiries have increased by 47.7%.

On the other hand, 20 percent of people who attended similar events in three US cities between February 22 and March 2, 2024 expressed interest in digital nomad visas.

The Algarve is the region that is generating the most interest. It is fairly easy to obtain and requires very little documentation compared to other visas and permits.

Agatha Balha, Solicitor at JB Law Office

Digital nomads are flocking to the Algarve as they flock to Lisbon and Porto.

As more and more people appreciate the Algarve municipality for its good weather, beautiful community and laid-back lifestyle, Lisbon and Porto are losing their digital nomads.

The housing crisis in these destinations is one reason digital nomads are increasingly fond of the Algarve.

Both Antonio Guerrero, Director of Projects and Strategic Partnerships at Algarve Evolutions and President of Digital Nomad Association Portugal and Goncalo Hall, CEO of NomadX, pointed out that municipalities in Portugal should follow the example of Albufeira when it comes to digital nomads. Hosted by

Municipalities that invest are the most successful.

Goncalo Hall

Creating digital workspaces can be economical yet very effective, experts explained. All that is required is to provide a convenient location for the computer and a stable Internet connection.

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