Germany Opportunity Card 2024

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Germany Opportunity Card

Germany seeks to introduce a new point-based system named the “Opportunity Card” as part of their attempts to increase the number of talented immigrants to Germany so they can contribute to their workforce and economy. Germany is one of the finest countries to work in the world.

Since the German Opportunity Card is a brand-new program, we must comprehend its essential features, including its advantages, prerequisites, and eligibility as well as how it differs from other existing immigration routes.

The New Immigration Law Reform in Germany

Three stages are planned for the implementation of the new immigration law changes in Germany: November 2023, March 2024, and June 2024. This reform also includes the implementation of the German Opportunity Card, which intends to raise the yearly total of non-European workers in Germany to 60,000.

One of the largest economies in the world, Germany constantly has a skills gap or acute labor shortages in several industries, most notably the building and health sectors. Therefore, they had to implement certain adjustments to its immigration laws to let and draw in as many prospective workers as they could to Germany. It establishes a point-based system that facilitates talented and qualified workers from outside of Europe’s borders to enter Germany.

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Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet specific specified eligibility requirements to be issued a Germany Opportunity Card. They are listed below.

  • The applicants must be non-Europeans.
  • Applicants must be of or less than 35 years of age.
  • As it is a point-based program, candidates must score a minimum of 6 points.
  • They must meet the required language skills- German or English.
  • They should at least have 3 years of professional work experience.
  • They must not be involved in any criminal activities.
  • They should be able to take care of their expenses while living in Germany.

Documents Required

  • An updated CV or resume
  • Official Academic Certificates
  • Professional Certificates
  • Experience Letter
  • Details of Projects already worked on.
Germany Opportunity Card
Germany Opportunity Card

Germany Opportunity Card Points

To be eligible for a Germany Opportunity Card under the new point-based immigration system, an applicant must get a minimum of six points even if they are not considered a skilled worker in Germany.

The Germany Opportunity Card’s criteria and scores associated with them are shown below.

A professional qualification equivalent to that in Germany4
Good German proficiency3
Sufficient German Proficiency2
C-level English Proficiency1
5 years of professional experience3
2 years of professional experience2
Age is less than 352
Previously lived in Germany for at least 6 months1
The living partner also meets the eligibility and they are also moving to Germany.1
Card Points

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Benefits Germany Opportunity Card

  • You can come to Germany (without an employment offer letter) and search for jobs in person.
  • You can stay up to 1 year in Germany.
  • You can easily apply for a Permanent Residence in Germany.
  • You can work part-time and manage your expenses.
  • There is no minimum salary requirement.

Difference Between Germany Opportunity Card and Other Visas

Though other visa types are already available in Germany, the Germany Opportunity Card is a recent innovation. Let’s analyze how the Germany Opportunity card compares to the other foreign worker visas available in Germany.

Germany Opportunity CardJobseeker Visa
It has not been implemented yet.It already exists.
Degree holders or skilled workers with a minimum of 3 years of experience are eligible.Only skilled professionals with a minimum of 5 years of experience are eligible.
The maximum age limit is 35 years.There is no age limit.
There is no minimum salary or bank balance requirement.Applicants must have a minimum of USD 7500 as bank balance.
German Language proficiency is required.No need for German Language Proficiency.
Allows the cardholders to work part-time.Visa holders cannot work part-time.
Germany Opportunity Card & Jobseeker Visa
German Opportunity CardEmployment Visa
It allows candidates to enter Germany and then search for a job. A candidate needs a proper job offer or contract from a German company.
Candidate has to fulfill various eligibility criteria.Candidates only need a proper degree certificate and a job offer.
German Language proficiency is neededNo need for German Proficiency.
The number of Opportunity cards to be issued per year is limited.There is no limit to the number of employment visas to be issued per year.
It has not been implemented yet.It exists already.
Look at the table below for clarity about the differences between the German Opportunity Card and Employment Visa.
German Opportunity CardBlue Card
It allows the holder to come to Germany and then search for employment.You must have a job offer either from Germany or from any other part of Europe to get this card.
Even if you are in your home country, you can apply for it.You have to come to Germany on an employment visa and then apply for it.
It is valid only in the territories of Germany.It is valid in the entire Europe.
There is no minimum salary requirement.There is a minimum salary requirement.
Now, it’s time to compare the German Opportunity Card with the Blue Card.

How to Apply

Since the Germany Opportunity Card has not yet been put into use, accurate information on the application procedure is not currently accessible. On the other hand, a candidate has two options for applying for the opportunity card, based on the information provided by different German immigration updates:

Because the Germany Opportunity Card has not yet been put into use, accurate information on the application procedure is not currently accessible. On the other hand, a candidate has two options for applying for the opportunity card, based on the information provided by different German immigration updates:

  • Applying via online.
  • Visiting the German Embassy in your home country.

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