Portugal Job Seeker Visa 2024: Job in Portuguese

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Portugal Job Seeker Visa

Portugal has traditionally been a preferred location for foreign laborers because of its pleasant weather, lively culture, reasonable cost of living, and outstanding standard of living. Because of this, a growing number of people are actively looking for job prospects in the nation.

Allowed entry into Portugal to seek a job thanks to the Portugal Job Seeker Visa, which functions as a temporary residence permit. This implies that they are free to consider a variety of employment options and are not required to have a job secured before traveling to Portugal.

The validity of this visa is for 120 days, and an additional 60 days can be added at any time. Knowing that you cannot exit Portugal and return with the same visa is important.

What is the Cost of the Portugal Job Seeker Visa?

Although there are affordable fees for the Portugal Job Seeker Visa, single candidates should plan to pay for the following:

  • The application fee for an entrance visa at the Pakistani consulate is €80.
  • The SEF in Portugal will process and provide your residence permit for €170.

It’s crucial to account for extra expenses associated with your journey, such as airline tickets, trip insurance, moving assistance, lodging, and any required documentation.

Duration and Extension of the Portugal Job Seeker Visa

The first validity duration of the Portugal Job Seeker Visa is 120 days or four months. There can be only one entrance into Portugal with this visa. After your application for a visa is approved, you will have four months from the date of issue to find work.

If you are unable to find employment during this period, you may apply for a one-time extension following the first 120 days. If approved, this extension gives you two more months, or an extra sixty days, to look for work in Portugal.

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Benefits of the Portugal Job Seeker Visa

The flexibility of the Portugal Work Visa is one of its key characteristics. You can begin the application process without needing an employment offer from a Portuguese company, unlike with certain other visas.

This implies that you are free to enter the nation and actively look for employment possibilities that fit your qualifications.

Furthermore, the visa offers a fantastic chance to freely explore Portugal’s job market. Having a Job Seeker Visa and being physically present in Portugal offers you an advantage over job searchers who are stationed elsewhere.

Hiring Portuguese nationals is frequently preferred by employers, which facilitates the job search process.

The Portugal Job Seeker Visa confers an additional advantage in that it permits holders to remain in the nation for a first 120-day stay. You can apply for a 60-day extension if you need extra time to find work; this will give you 180 days in total to look for acceptable employment prospects.

Eligibility Requirements for the Portugal Job Seeker Visa

You must fulfill multiple criteria for you to be eligible for a Portugal Job Seeker Visa, including:

  • Have a valid travel passport
  • Be a non-EU national.
  • Have a health insurance policy covering you
  • Have sufficient funds to show you can support yourself during your stay in Portugal
  • Have a clean criminal record

Required Documents 

  • National Visa application filled and duly signed by the applicant;
  • Passport or other travel document, valid for 3 months after the estimated return date. Photocopy of passport (biographical data); 
  • 2 Photos, even, passport-type, recent and in good condition to identify the applicant (1 for this form);
  • Proof of regular status, if you are of a nationality other than that of the country where you are applying for a visa, valid for more than the date of expiry of the visa you are applying for;
  • Criminal record certificate, issued by the competent authority of the country of the applicant’s nationality or of the country where the applicant has resided for over a year (except for applicants under sixteen), with the Hague Apostille (If applicable) or legalized;
  • Valid travel insurance, covering necessary medical expenses, including urgent medical assistance and possible repatriation;
  • Copy of return transport title;
  • Proof of financial resources equivalent to at least the sum of three guaranteed monthly minimum salaries.

Visa Interview

One of the mandatory steps in the visa application procedure is the Portugal Job Seeker Visa interview. This is the consular officer’s chance to assess your suitability and your plans to look for work in Portugal. By appropriately preparing and expressing your qualifications and intent, you may increase your chances of success.

You should expect the following type of questions during your Portugal Job Seeker Visa interview:

  • What is your motivation for coming to Portugal?
  • What specific type of employment are you seeking?
  • Have you received any job offers in Portugal?
  • How do you plan to financially support yourself during your stay in Portugal?
  • What are your post-visa-expiry plans for the future?

Apart from these broad questions, the interviewer could also probe into more particular facets of your experience, abilities, and qualifications. Anticipate inquiries concerning your knowledge of the Portuguese labor market and your methods for getting employment.

How to Apply for a Portugal Job Seeker Visa

The first step in applying for a Portugal Job Seeker Visa is to register and confirm your interest with the IEFP.

If your application is accepted, IEFP will send you an email to let you know. This means you are ready to go on to the next stage. It is important to realize, still, that an IEFP approval just signals that the visa application may move forward; it does not give instant access into Portugal.

portugal job seeker email received

Next, start the application process at any approved visa application facility or on the website of the Portuguese consulate. Applications for Portuguese visas are handled by VFS Global. Choose the category for a job seeker visa and correctly fill out the application that is provided. Once the online application is complete, click the “Submit” button.

Please be aware that you cannot complete the Portugal Job Seeker Visa application online. Making an appointment is required to turn in all required supporting documentation. The Portuguese embassy, consulate, or VFS application facility is where this submission is made. After that, you will be scheduled for an interview where you will provide your supporting documentation.

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